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All About Paper Shapers

We can all appreciate the precision of a perfectly straight line—the satisfying cut of a blunt edge, the symmetry of a square. But no one can debate the fun of pushing creative boundaries! Armada Paper Shapers place the opportunity for aesthetic daring right in the hands of the artist. With stainless steel blades and hardy plastic handles, these specialty scissors allow you to maintain control over your craft project and transform it into a professional statement.

For those of you who enjoy planning a party, Paper Shapers give you the power to punctuate the details with your imagination. For example, for an afternoon tea, use the Victorian or Royal shapers to embellish your invitations and cardstock place cards, transporting your guests back in time with lacy flair. Or, your five-year-old son may want a fantasy birthday party: at the craft table, the Dragon Back shapers can convert construction paper into live creatures who breathe Wave-inspired fire. Use Bubbles Paper Shapers to trim the tops of otherwise ho-hum goodie bags, and Provincial to lend the hems of holiday angel ornaments some motion. Paper Shapers can also turn your wrapping paper scraps into jazzed-up polka dots, triangles, snowflakes, and trees, accents that can enhance your homemade gift tags or thank-you notes.

If your first love is scrapbooking, Paper Shapers can assist you in defining each and every page with its own spirit. Create a whimsical background with Inchworm or Deckle for a comic photo of your closest friend. Try Large Pinking for the effect of a prize ribbon to highlight an accomplishment. Let Bat Wings encircle that scary shot from the neighbors’ Halloween party. Capturing your memories in a variety of shapes and styles can revolutionize your scrapbooking approach. Instead of a catalog of times gone by, your scrapbook becomes a celebration of life stories, each of which deserves its own moment of fame.

Paper Shapers improve the inventive energy in elementary and high school classrooms, too, where teachers and students can use these tools play with various forms of expression. Kids love to rely on resources that boost the quality of their work without increasing their stress. Particularly for those students who may feel insecure about their artistic abilities, these scissors can turn an ordinary project into a masterpiece. Watch their poster boards, and your bulletin boards, take on dazzling lives of their own. An array of borders can help to organize a presentation or an announcement space into recognizable sections that grab attention. And at the end of the day, Paper Shapers go right back into their convenient wood stand, ready for the next adventure that comes along.

Armada Paper Shapers invite crafters of any age and any skill level to “scissor” outside of the box.  The decorative possibilities are endless!

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