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The Best Scissors for Children

Only a few years ago, as you faced the unchartered territory of parenthood, you were most likely not thinking about when, and how, to introduce your child to scissors. Now, as you wander through your local office supply store with that back-to-school list in hand, you must confront a wall of options and the question: Which pair will guarantee my child unprecedented artistic success?

Depending on age, exposure, and confidence, children can experience varying levels of ease with wielding scissors. Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and adequate visual perception are all requirements for mastery. When is the best time to place a pair of scissors in your child’s hands? If they are interested in learning how to use them, go for it! As children practice, and their coordination improves, they can rely on scissors to open up a range of creative possibilities for their artwork. Suddenly, renderings of beach or jungle scenes take on new urgency with 3-D shark and alligator teeth. Homemade birthday cards pop to life with cut-outs of cakes and balloons instead of pre-fabricated stickers. Magazine images become rich resources for colorful collages. Plain old shoeboxes covered with construction-paper hearts magically turn into Valentine’s Day mailboxes. And don’t forget—scissors can do more than snip and shape paper! Your child might even want to cut string and yarn for necklaces, Play-Doh for accessories in a clay house, or fur fabric for a doll’s new coat.

For decades, Armada has been manufacturing its popular, high-quality SNIPPY® blade for classrooms across the country. All of our scissors are made from hardened and tempered stainless steel and ABS plastic, providing children with the durable tools necessary to transform raw materials into vibrant works of art. We know that amongst our collection of SNIPPY® brand scissors, you will find the right pair for your child, whether you are building a craft kit for your classroom or for your playroom at home.

Think about the following features as you determine which type of SNIPPY® brand scissors will match your child’s needs.

    • Length of the scissors
    • Shape, size, and padding of the grips
    • Righty or lefty – or interchangeable
    • Safety blades
    • Spring-action blades
    • Blunt tip or sharp tip

If the openings in the grips are too small, your child won’t be able to establish a secure grip, but if they are too large, your child won’t feel in charge of the cut. A blunt scissor tip ensures less risk of accidental injury—we have all watched a little one hold a sheet of paper in one hand and innocently chomp toward that hand with blades from the opposite edge! However, a sharp tip certainly lends an older child greater freedom to add detail and flourish to their artistic imaginings. Along the same lines, safety and spring-loaded blades will protect skin from punctures, but will also limit how far the blades can open, therefore impacting how long of a cut the artist can make at a time.

Consider, too, that your child will be cutting through multiple kinds of fabrics and textures. While one pair of scissors might slice through tissue paper seamlessly, that same pair could chew up a piece of foam or cardstock. Experiment at home by offering your child an array of scissors that you feel fit their age and experience level, as well as a pile of different materials, such as tissue paper, copy paper, cardstock, foam, fabric, yarn, duct tape, and clay. See what your child can do—under close surveillance, of course!

As you embark on scissor instruction, you might want to start with our Snippy® Original, a hardy and reliable set of blades appropriate for both right-handed and left-handed children. Or, if comfort is a priority, the ergonomically-friendly double-finger bow handle of our Snippy® Easy Grip™ 5 Blunt Tip Scissors will allow your child to craft happily away without a second thought. Need an option for adults or children with special needs? Try our Snippy®5.5” Easy Spring Scissors, which sport a simple plastic loop rather than double-loop grips that confine the fingers, and require just a gentle squeeze between the thumb and forefinger to operate.

No matter your child’s developmental stage or artistic motive, our SNIPPY® brand scissor line will equip them with top-notch tools to delve into creative exploration. And as a parent or teacher, you can rest easy, knowing that the Armada Art name stands for a commitment to excellent American education and craftsmanship.

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