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My Girlfriend’s friend that is best by Its enjoyable when you’re able to ge tcaught

My Girlfriend’s friend that is best by Its enjoyable when you’re able to ge tcaught

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I experienced sometimes dreamed about my gf’s buddy Lucy, but We never ever thought she felt the in an identical way.

My gf Rebecca, Lucy and I all go right to the exact same school that is high. Being truly a guitar that is great we usually brought my electric electric guitar to college and played during meal times, on event we’d get a sing along to your favorite bands such as for example pearl jam and red-hot chili-peppers. Lucy would constantly stay close to me personally over these sessions and my electric electric guitar instance on the other hand, Rebecca seemed overlooked, we used to poke my tongue away, she knew Lucy and I also were just teasing her, and once I always played her favorite track, Stair option to paradise and she’d have the biggest look

One time after having a sing along session, Lucy and we had twice chemistry together; Lucy constantly sat close to me personally in chem. We had been like lab lovers. During chemistry Lucy and I also constantly mentioned every thing, we did actually set off on therefore many tangents it ultimately looped around, therefore we had been right right right back where we started. Lucy pointed out her family members had won seats to a red-hot chili-peppers concert next week-end, and she had one free one, and seeming so Rebecca wasn’t I was a diehard fan, Lucy offered it to me into them and. We joyfully accepted, little did I’m sure Lucy had one thing prepared

I happened to be using my purple thin jeans, combined with my red-hot chili-peppers t-shirt from a past concert, some casual joggers and my necklace We never ever took off, We strolled to Lucy’s home. There older sibling drove us in the shit-box of a car or truck, he sat right in front along with his buddy pestering Lucy why she didn’t ask Rebecca rather, but Lucy did care that is n’t we were virtually close friends. During the concert within the mush pit, Lucy grabbed my hand and led me personally through the audience far from her bro and their idiot buddy.

Lucy offered me personally a glass or two but over the screaming audience i really couldn’t hear so she pulled me outside therefore I could hear, I happened to be getting a totally free seats to my personal favorite musical organization and free liquor, I wasn’t likely to whine. After Lucy got us both a glass or two she didn’t feel any so provided me with hers also, I happened to be a little tipsy straight back within the audience, however it ended up being more reason behind the warmth and figures shoving around, somebody spilled a beverage all over Lucy’s shirt and also you could see her nice firm 13 C-cup breasts all the way through her soaked top, Lucy pulled us to the medial side, i really could inform she had been a bit upset but kept a grin on her behalf face.

Since the band left as well as the audience screamed for the end-core, the lead singer Anthony popped his leave and emerged and everybody else went crazy, Lucy pulled me away and recognized we could hear outside and now we could simply beat every person towards the automobile. We endured outside next to her cousin’s vehicle, as several thousand delighted individuals arrived of this concert screaming and cheering, Lucy had tits that are amazing i possibly could scarcely simply simply simply take my eyes off them. She noticed this, and provided me with a hug and whispered one thing in my own m.cam4ultimate ear, i possibly couldn’t inform, I simply patted her back and reassured her she would soon be home and just forget about it.

She leaned right back nevertheless keeping me personally, she starred into my eyes, and leaned in and planted her lips against mine, and I also was not in charge of this example. I’d always considered Rebecca and Lucy in a threesome, but until then never Lucy be by herself. We stared at her breasts, awestruck at exactly what took place, her sibling caught us hugging and didn’t why don’t we hear the final end from it within the automobile Lucy and I also sat when you look at the straight back, in very nearly silence, besides her cousin’s constant teasing her.

My head had been all around the store, crap what if Rebecca finds out, i’ll be screwed, I don’t want to get rid of her, this woman is every little thing if you ask me, but wow Lucy is really a good kisser, we wonder just exactly exactly what this woman is thinking, does she would you like to go further.

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