About Armada Art Materials

Established in 1986, Armada Art Inc. has always prided itself on carrying high-quality low https://myvulkan-clubs.com/sitemap/ https://igrovyieavtomatibesplatno.com/fortune-teller/ priced items geared towards the educational market. Focusing primarily on scissors, Armada’s brand SNIPPY®https://essaywriterusa.com/span> has been a leading brand of student scissors in the American school system for over 20 years. Armada introduced the ruler on the Snippy® blade in 1991. All Armada scissors are forged out of heat treated stainless terminator 2 slot steel. Together with handles made out of ABS plastic our scissors do meet yooslim amazon or surpass the quality of the higher priced competition.

For 32 + years Armada Art has provided art and craft products to many school districts throughout the United States. Armada Art’s products help schools and students deliver high quality work and designs.

Before the day starts in many schools, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited every morning not by only faculty but the student body as well. The Pledge of Allegiance building helps boost the identity of our products with the symbolic connotation that the Pledge of Allegiance has on the people of this country.

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All Armada Art scissors are manufactured from high quality, heat-treated stainless steel. Our blades are guaranteed never to bend or lose their alignment, and will maintain their sharp cutting edges through years of normal use.

All our scissors are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Should they fail to perform satisfactorily, we will replace the scissors, providing the damage does not result from accident or misuse.

To ensure proper return of your scissors, print clearly your name, address and zip code. Send scissors to Hygloss Products, Inc., 45 Hathaway Street, Wallington, NJ 07057, USA.


The History of Scissors

Even in our electronic age, scissors are still one of the most useful tools. Just imagine having your hair cut without scissors…Ouch! Before scissors were invented people had to use stones to cut.

    • 1500 B.C.E. Development of the first scissors.
    • 300 B.C.E. One of the earliest surviving scissors dates back to ancient Egypt. Italian shepherds used scissors to clip wool.
    • 100 C.E. Invention of https://myvulkan-clubs.com/sitemap/ https://igrovyieavtomatibesplatno.com/fortune-teller/ cross-bladed scissors similar to those of today in Rome. However, these scissors were not used domestically in Europe until the 16th century.
    • 500 C.E. First known written account of scissors by the scribe Isidore of Seville. Isidore described then as a tool for barbers and tailors.


  • 1761 C.E. Invention of the first modern cast-steel scissors in England.